Can You Guess That Grad?

What prolific sculptor, printmaker, and multimedia artist served as the 2019 artist-in-residence for the 250-acre New York Botanical Garden? See answer below.
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Though based in New York City since 1981, MICHELE OKA DONER, ’66, MFA’68, HDFA’16, credits her upbringing in the “tropical paradise” of Miami Beach for shaping her artistic sensibilities and vocabulary early on. The artist was a natural fit when she was selected as the 2019 artist-in-residence for the New York Botanical Garden. Oka Doner’s portfolio includes sculptures, drawings, prints, and over 40 public and private permanent art installations. These include “A Walk on the Beach,” the immense bronze and terrazzo concourse of Miami International Airport, and the “Science Benches,” located between the Kraus and Chemistry Buildings on U-M’s Ann Arbor campus.

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