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Student Testimonials & Updates

Hear from our students and past scholarship winners on what the scholarship and Michigan has meant to them, as well as updates as to what they are up at Michigan.

Madison Byrd

Madison Byrd
Blackhawk Christian ‘16
University of Michigan ‘21

Hello! My name is Madison Byrd and I was the recipient of the University of Michigan Alumni of Fort Wayne scholarship in 2016. When I think back on the initial meeting I had with the board members of the alumni club, I was so nervous to sit and talk with them as I presented my case as to why I believed they should grant me the scholarship. But my nerves were quickly settled
as I sat down in Mr. Zacher’s office and he began asking me questions about me. Not what I had accomplished so far through my high school years, what major I wanted to pursue at
Michigan or anything dealing with the future really. He and the other board members wanted to know me for the 18 year old I was sitting right there in front of them; they cared about what I
was interested in at that moment and wanted to hear about my excitement for Michigan. I believe that is what makes this alumni club so special. They truly care about you as a person
and be there to support you in any way possible as you begin the journey through the best four years of your life! The board of alumni was showing me the Michigan difference before I had
even stepped foot on campus! A difference in the way they support your dreams wholeheartedly and inspire you with the excellence they have cultivated in their own lives. My time here at
Michigan has been nothing short of amazing. I have been taught by award winning professors, I have met some of the most inspiring individuals, I have found friendships that will last a lifetime,
I have won a Big Ten championship with the Women’s Rowing team and come April 2021, I will have graduated with a degree from the best University in the world. Looking back on all of my
memories at UofM, I truly believe that it was those initial interactions with the alumni club and the confidence they instilled in me that gave me the courage to step into all I have been able to
experience at Michigan over these five years. I am so honored to know the family that is the Michigan Aumni Club of Fort Wayne and am forever grateful for the many ways they have supported me during my time at UofM. Forever Go Blue!

Angela Lee – Fackler Scholarship Recipient

Note to donor, Joanie Fackler Gerberding:

Hi, I hope you are staying safe and well with your family in California. I wanted to thank you again for the awesome experience I’ve had at Michigan so far. I was just scrolling through some of my photos from the past 2 years and reminiscing over all of the game days, shows, festivals, study sessions with friends, club events, etc. The school spirit at Michigan is quite special, and I really miss the feeling on campus. I hope that there will be a cure or a vaccine soon so that things can get back to normal.

In February, I declared my major as Pharmaceutical Sciences! I’m in the College of Pharmacy now for my Bachelor’s (I was previously in the College of Literature, Sciences, and the Arts), and I’m hoping to continue at Michigan for a PharmD.

This past year I was also able to continue researching kidney diseases in the same lab I worked in last summer, and I started a leadership position in the Pre-Pharmacy Student Organization. It will be interesting to see how research and the pre-pharmacy club both play out this fall, with a lot of events being held online. In my dorm, I was a mentor to 3 freshmen through the Women in Science and Engineering program-I attached a picture of us together at the end of the year! I will miss being a part of the program (it’s only for freshmen and sophomores), but I’m thankful for the memories and the people I met.

Over the summer I’ve been taking online summer classes- I finished Organic Chemistry 2 in June, and I’m in Genetics right now. It’s definitely been challenging, but it’s keeping me occupied and both of my professors are great. (They’re so passionate about teaching the material! The Michigan Difference :)). I have an exam for Genetics this Monday–wish me luck!

The past 2 years at Michigan have been the best years of my life, and I am so grateful to be a part of the Michigan family. I cannot wait to see what comes next! Thank you again and Go Blue!

Here is Angela (right) with a few of her Michigan classmates:

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