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U-M Club of New Hampshire: General Information

The University of Michigan Club of New Hampshire was chartered in 1990 by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. On December 11, 1989, Michigan alumni gathered in Concord, NH to plan the organization. Christopher Boys arranged for the meeting location, John Harrison helped set up the group’s telephone connection to Ann Arbor, and Lillian Scranton led the meeting. Others attending were as follows: Ruth Bell, Michael Buckley, Jane Garry, Marc Gilman, Ann Harrison, Jaime Isaza, Janet Kittell, John Scranton, Stephen Ura, and Rick Vega. These thirteen Michigan alumni became the initial Board of Governors.

U-M alumna, Jane Garry, led the effort to establish the Articles of Association and Bylaws for the new U-M alumni club in New Hampshire. From this beginning, nine U-M alumni have served the club as President, as follows: Lillian Scranton, Cyril Blaney, Jr., George Kendall, Kenneth Morman, Max Hugel, Catherine Gruette, Gilbert Lazich, Ann Harrison, and Jonathan Lax. Club presidents are limited to four years of continuous service. Term limits for all board members have meant greater alumni involvement in the club. Over a hundred Michigan alumni in NH have participated as a club leader since the club was chartered in 1990.

The club has held a variety of club events for Michigan alumni and for Michigan students and their families, attended events where U-M groups/athletic teams performed/competed in our region, and represented the U-M at college fairs around NH and other student recruiting activities of the club. Club events have included dinners, cruises, art and cultural tours, theatre and museum events, concerts, speakers from Ann Arbor and local towns, networking and career events, community service events, hikes, picnics, and football/sport watching parties.

Over two hundred University of Michigan Book Awards have been presented to outstanding high school juniors around New Hampshire at Spring award ceremonies at their respective high schools since that club program began, raising awareness here in the East of the University of Michigan as an excellent college choice for top students, as well as honoring the accomplishments of many outstanding young student leaders. Over twenty U-M alumni have served on the club’s Book Award Committee helping to arrange and/or present these Michigan Book Awards

A special club highlight was hosting the University of Michigan’s Men’s Glee Club in 1999 for two nights and a performance at Memorial Hall at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire to a full auditorium. “Let’s Go Blue” !

A number of our club members have attended leadership events at the Alumni Association, and Michigan events and homecomings in Ann Arbor. Some return to A2 to study, teach, or otherwise visit. Some take part in the travel programs of the Alumni Association, or attend camp Michigania.

Over the years, a number of Michigan alumni have graciously hosted club events at their homes or associated locations in New Hampshire, with special thanks to the following: John and Lillian Scranton, Ruth Bell, Clifford and Debra Keirce, Jim and Julie Cherry, Dave and Cathy Gruette, Max Hugel, Jim and Susie AuBuchon, Gil and Lis Lazich, Russell Reynolds, John and Ann Harrison, and Jeff and Missy Mason.

The U-M Club of NH is your local alumni club. If you are a member of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, then you are a club member. If you are not an AAUM member, please consider joining as these memberships support your local club, and provide a number of additional member benefits. Either way, please feel welcome to attend club events and become involved in your local Michigan alumni club, and carry on the traditions.


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