U-M LGBTQ Alumni: Board Leadership

The U-M LGBTQ Alumni Board shall be constituted as follows:

  1.     Four Officers of UMLGBTQ: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer
  2.     Three Directors elected from UMLGBTQ membership
  3.     Two Student Directors representing LGBTQ+ student organizations on campus who shall serve in an advisory role to the Board

Current Board of Directors

Aaquil Rowe, Chairperson, 2023-2026

Wayne (Duey) Shuey, Secretary, 2022-2025

Sean Walser, Treasurer, 2021-2024

Howard Suskin, Director, 2021-2024

Ian Leach, Director, 2022-2025

Rachel Sze, Director, 2023-2026

Brian Hull, Director, 2023-2026

John Dennehy, Director, 2023-2026

Student Member: TBD

Student Member: TBD

Ex Officio Consultants

Kenneth Hillenburg, Previous Chairperson, U-M LGBTQ

Jesse Beal, Director, Spectrum Center

Travis Radina, Director of Global Alumni Communities, Alumni Association of the University of Michigan

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