U-M Club of Hillsdale County: Scholarships

How You Can Help

In order to continue rewarding top area students who choose Michigan, we need your support. Please consider helping this worthy cause. Whether large or small, every donation helps grow local Leaders and Best!

To donate online, click here

Remember also that those who contribute to our scholarship fund are giving to the University, thus qualifying for direct tax credit from Michigan income tax, as well as the usual IRS deduction. To obtain a University receipt of your gift for tax purposes, please make your check payable to University of Michigan, mark it for Hillsdale County scholarships, and send it to our Treasurer for our records. He sends it on to the Financial Aid Office, where it is deposited into our fund and earmarked for the students we designate. The University then sends the official tax receipt to the donor.

UM Club of Hillsdale County

Colin A. Mayers

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