U-M Club of Hillsdale County: President Statement

It is an honor to be president of this Club which was started in 1979 by a group of loyal Michigan alumni. We are a formally recognized group under the University of Michigan Alumni Association (AAUM). The AAUM does not grant Club status haphazardly; there are strict requirements and guidelines. We have bylaws which can be seen on this web site and we have programming guidelines to include social, cultural, athletic, and community service. Also we orient events to both alumni and students. Granting scholarships to entering freshmen from Hillsdale County is a high priority for us.

Our goal is to have programming that is of a broad range and to have something that will appeal to all of our local alumni and students. We welcome your ideas-please contact me or any board member with your thoughts. We look forward to your participation. It is so easy to be proud of our educational experience when we have gone to such a great University.

Go Blue!

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