U-M Club of Grand Traverse: Apply for a Scholarship

UM Club GT Scholarship Application, 2024

The U-M Club of Grand Traverse awards six to nine $2,000 scholarships annually to local students enrolled full time at the University of Michigan. Students from Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse Kalkaska and Leelanau counties may apply for any or all scholarships at any point during their academic studies. Scholarship opportunities, guidelines, application and mandatory cover sheet can be accessed from the “UM Club GT Scholarship Application, 2024” link above. The application with cover sheet (p. 3-6) is a fillable pdf form.

Applications with cover sheet and transcripts are due by Monday, April 8, 2024 via email to:

U-M Club of Grand Traverse Scholarship Fund
[email protected]

NOTE: Carefully read descriptions and guidelines. The cover sheet (p. 4) is mandatory. Pages 3-6 are fillable PDFs. Please complete, save as a PDF and return to [email protected]. Applicants should supply contact information and check each scholarship(s) being applied on the cover sheet (p. 4), sign your name, and complete the application (p. 5 & 6) attached.



Scholarship Opportunities

BOB JAMES SCHOLARSHIPS are available to admitted freshmen or undergraduate students currently enrolled in degree granting programs of the University of Michigan. Students enrolled in the School of Music will be given some preference over others in making the award, but the school in which the student is enrolled is not the key factor. Jazz artist and University of Michigan alumnus, Bob James, gave his time and talent to a benefit performance for the Grand Traverse Area University of Michigan Scholarship Fund.

CHARLES H. MENMUIR SCHOLARSHIPS are available to admitted freshmen or undergraduate students entered in a pre-law or liberal arts curriculum and to law school students who are admitted to or enrolled in the University of Michigan law school on a full-time basis. Monies were originally derived from the generous gifts of the late Mildred A. Menmuir, Ann Menmuir Beuerle, and Jean Menmuir Coffey in loving memory of their late-husband and father Charles H. Menmuir, a University of Michigan graduate. Charles H. Menmuir was a highly esteemed lawyer who practiced law for over fifty years in Traverse City. The law firm which he founded, Menmuir, Zimmerman, Kuhn & Bearup, generously supplemented the Menmuir family’s initial gift.

JULIUS H. BEERS SCHOLARSHIPS are available to individuals pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees, preferably in chemistry, physics, geology or other earth sciences. Monies were originally derived from the generous gift of Old Kent Bank, in honor of Julius H. Beers, a University of Michigan graduate. In 1950, Julius “Jake” Beers, a Traverse City native, began his career at Traverse City State Bank. He became President of the Bank in 1957 and Chairman of the Board in 1972. He continued to serve as Chairman until 1983 when it became Old Kent Bank. Jake Beers is a descendant of Perry Hannah, who was known as the “Father of Traverse City” and who founded Traverse City State Bank in 1856.

JACK PATTERSON SCHOLARSHIPS are available to admitted freshmen, preferably intending to pursue an undergraduate degree in language, literature or political science, on a full-time basis. These $2,000.00 scholarships have been created in memory of Jack Patterson, a 1940 Michigan graduate whose heart’s desire was to go to Michigan. He particularly loved Michigan sports and music. He enjoyed an outstanding career in mental health hospital administration, primarily at the Northville Mental Health Hospital, prior to his retirement in the Grand Traverse area.

DANIEL JAMES WHITE ’70 SCHOLARSHIPS are available to full-time undergraduate students selected based on financial need as determined by the University’s Office of Financial Aid. Preference for these $2,000.00 scholarships shall be given to entering and continuing undergraduate students whose primary residence is the Grand Traverse area. This scholarship was created in the memory of Daniel James White, a 1970 graduate of the University and Grand Traverse Area resident.

U-M CLUB OF GRAND TRAVERSE ‘ CLUB’ SCHOLARSHIPS available to admitted freshmen or undergraduate students currently enrolled full time in degree granting programs at the University of Michigan. Monies for these awards are raised from contributions and fundraising activities of the U-M Club of Grand Traverse, representing alumni, students, parents, fans and friends of the University.

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