U-M Club of Delaware: Club Bylaws

Last Revised: 11/8/2011

Section One – Club Purpose

As an affiliate of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, the purpose of the University of Michigan Alumni Club of Delaware (the Club) is to promote the following goals:

  1. Establish a means for local alumni to celebrate and share the experience of attending the University of Michigan.
  2. Act as an informational resource for prospective University students.
  3. Award scholarships to currently enrolled University students.
  4. Promote social, educational, and charitable programs and activities to benefit local University alumni, their families and their communities.

Section Two – Club Structure

The structure of the Club is as follows:

1. Club Board of Directors

• Four Officers – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

• Scholarships Committee Chair

• Student Recruiting Committee Chair

• Communications & Programming Committee Chair

• Seven Directors-at-Large

• Immediate Past President

2. Committee Members

3. Members

• Alumni Association Members

• Other local Alumni

Section Three – Board Responsibilities

1. President:

• Supervise and coordinate all day-to-day activities of the Club

• Call regular and special board meetings

• Arrange and preside over the Annual Meeting of the Club

• Complete the Club’s Annual Report and submit it to the Alumni Association

• Serve as principal liaison with the University, the Alumni Association and other organizations

2. Vice President:

• Facilitate nominations for board positions

• Shadow the President in preparation to be nominated for the Presidency

• Assume the responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence

3. Secretary:

• Maintain Club records and documents

• Compile and distribute Board Meeting minutes

• Coordinate Club communications (website, e-TrueBlue, mailings)

• Supervise Annual elections

4. Treasurer:

• Coordinate Club finances

• Distribute Scholarship monies

• Maintain the permanent record of all financial matters

5. Scholarships Committee Chair

6. Student Recruiting Committee Chair

7. Communications & Programming Committee Chair

8. Directors-at-Large:

• Assist the Officers in the administration of the Club

• Serve as liaisons among the Club leadership, the membership, and community at large

• Represent the diverse interests of the general membership

9. Immediate Past President:

• Serve as an advisory resource for the Board

• Participate with Club committees and Board activities as desired

Section Four – Committee Responsibilities

1. Scholarships Committee:

• Establish rules and procedures for scholarship awards

• Encourage as many local UM students as possible to apply for our scholarship(s)

• Select scholarship recipient(s) that meet(s) or exceed(s) the scholarship criteria

• Present scholarship award finalist(s)/winner(s) to the Board

• Notify all scholarship applicants of results

• Give cover letter to Club Treasurer that will be sent to Ann Arbor with scholarship

winner(s) information (Name, social security number, etc.)

• Coordinate scholarship fundraising activities

2. Student Recruiting Committee:

• Assist in the recruiting of students for the University of Michigan

• Coordinate and attend College Nights

• Coordinate the Adopt-a-School program and program volunteers

• Contact high school guidance counselors within the Club area

4. Communications & Programming Committee:

• Manage and update the content of the Club website as requested by the Board and


• Coordinate email communications to the Club Email list

• Coordinate mail communications to the Club mailing list(s)

• Coordinate the planning and notification of events with event facilitators

• Ensure that members are notified of events and are encouraged to attend

Section Five – Terms of Office

All Board members are elected to a two-year renewable term. In order to maintain consistent leadership, the Vice President is encouraged to accept the nomination for the Presidency, and the President is encouraged to stay on as Immediate Past President when their terms expire.

Section Six – Meetings

Ideally, the Board will meet once every other month. The Club President is responsible for coordinating the meeting schedule. Additional meetings may be called when necessary. The Annual Meeting will be held in the second quarter of each year for the election of Board members and to communicate to the Club a summary of the year’s activities and events.

Section Seven – Quorum and Voting

A quorum for the Board shall consist of the President (or VP in President’s absence) and at least two other Board members. Action by the Board must be by a majority of the quorum. Any action involving more than $1000 must be approved by a majority vote (in person or by email) of the entire board.

Section Eight – Amendment of Bylaws

Amendments to the Bylaws must be circulated to the entire Board for consideration. A majority vote (in person or by email) of the entire Board is required to amend the Bylaws.

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