Affiliate Groups

Affiliate Groups

To provide the high-quality programs and information U-M alumni expect, the Alumni Association has partnered with a number of alumni affiliate groups. The Alumni Association recognizes that alumni have a strong desire to engage with one another based on connections they may have had as students, such as professional or social interests. Such groups provide alumni with an opportunity to interact and network with others based on similar interests and experiences.

Educational Groups

Educational groups are organizations representing the degree-granting entities of U-M.

UM-Dearborn Alumni

The UM-Dearborn Alumni Society engages alumni through seminars, reunions, fundraising, and other activities that focus on UM-Dearborn. All graduates of the Dearborn campus are alumni society members.

Student Interest Groups

Student interest groups are centered on a common connection while students at U-M. Examples include fraternities/sororities, sports teams, and musical societies.

Michigan Alumni Cheerleaders Association

Since 1967, the Michigan Alumni Cheerleaders Association has been continuing the Michigan tradition by connecting former cheerleaders with the current team. Get involved – the Alumni Cheerleaders Association offers its members lifelong friendships and new ways to spread Michigan pride and spirit.

Letterwinners M Club

The Letterwinners M Club consists of more than 7,200 men and women who have earned letters in a varsity sport at the University of Michigan. The club is designed to keep its members connected to the University, and to the Athletic Department. It also supports the efforts of recent Michigan student-athletes in adjusting to the demands of life after Michigan.

Special Interest Groups

Special interest-based groups of alumni share a common interest, racial or ethnic background, religion, or gender.

Alumnae Council

Connect with other female graduates of U-M through one of Alumnae Council’s 13 regional clubs. Alumnae Council is one of the Alumni Association’s longest running and most active affiliate groups. Members raise money for scholarships, promote the University in their communities, and recruit outstanding future Wolverines.

University of Michigan Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Alumni

The University of Michigan Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander (A/AAPI) Alumni Community was reestablished in 2019 to unify and represent alumni of Pan-Asian descent. This group supports alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends of the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses.

University of Michigan Black Alumni

Established in 1976, the UMBA offers an opportunity to network with one of the largest alumni bases in the world, with access to a network of approximately 15,000 black alumni. Share your valuable information with current and future students or be a mentor or student recruiter.

University of Michigan Latino Alumni

The University of Michigan Latino Alumni (UMLA) group was founded in 1988 to support current Latino students (future alumni) and graduates (alumni). If you would like to volunteer or be further involved in UMLA, please contact Alumni Association staff member Carlos Martinez via email at [email protected].

University of Michigan LGBTQ Alumni Association

The University of Michigan LGBTQ Alumni Association (formerly the Gay and Lesbian Alumni Society) was reestablished in 2017 to bring together alumni, faculty, students, staff, friends, and allies of all gender identities and sexual orientations in support of one another.

University of Michigan Entertainment Coalition – Los Angeles Chapter

The University of Michigan Entertainment Coalition brings together alumni from all areas of the entertainment industry. UMEC’s mission is to maintain a strong and functional network of alumni, providing a forum for alumni to reach out to one another regarding professional ventures, learn from veterans in the industry, and network with fellow Wolverines.

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