Frequently Asked Questions

Athletic tours can represent the trip of a lifetime! To assist you in making your reservations, Conlin Athletic Tours has answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our tours.

Choosing the Official Tour

What are the benefits of joining a tour?

Joining a tour conducted by a professional tour operator offers convenience, reputation and peace-of-mind, so the focus can be on enjoying yourself and cheering on your team. Since 1964, Conlin Athletic Tours has taken over 100,000 fans to college football games. That means we know all the best airlines, hotels, event sites, and activities to make your tour experience the most enjoyable and memorable possible.

Why should I join the Official Tour?

In joining the Official Tour, you can be assured of a quality travel experience with a tour operator that has been researched and endorsed by the University and the Alumni Association. This means a worry-free experience for all travelers knowing that every aspect of the tour is being carried out by a professional and experienced tour operator.

Isn't it less expensive to go on my own?

People often assume that organized tours are more expensive; this is not always true. Tours offer an inclusive program with multiple features, such as transfers, the official tailgate party, souvenirs, receptions, gratuities, taxes, staffing, and quality organization of all tour aspects. Organized transfers alone, between events, make your investment worthwhile. No need to search for parking in remote areas or having to depend upon public transportation. Inclusive tours offer a great buy due to large group discount pricing. And, don’t forget the fun and memories that go along with sharing your tour experience with other alumni and loyal fans!

What makes your tour better than other, less expensive tours?

One of the primary reasons we were selected as the Official Tour Operator is our dedication to providing travelers with the best tour experience for the money. We work with vendors year-round to maintain relationships that make the difference between receiving the best price and quality for our travelers and simply reserving whatever hotels and flights are available. Upon close comparison, you will find that our tours offer more of the inclusions that are important and desirable to our travelers, including staying at the team hotel, welcome reception, souvenir, New Year’s Eve party (if appropriate), pre-game tailgate, transfers, all taxes, and gratuities, as well as interesting optional tours.

It's my first time on a tour; what should I expect?

For many travelers, a professionally escorted tour is the best way to experience a unique and exciting event such as a neutral-site football game. A properly planned tour will provide the details, assurances, and framework necessary to allow the tour participant to maximize enjoyment of the overall experience. With the right combination of included items and free time, most people find a tour to be the best way to attend a game. However, tours are not for everyone. Although we care about each individual participant, we also care for the group as a whole. If your schedule deems it necessary to deviate from the group, then you may want to consider traveling independently.

General Tour Questions

What is included in the tour price?

All items listed under the Included Features section of the tour are included in the tour price. Optional tours, transportation between your home and the airport, and any items of a personal nature, such as in-room charges and laundry, are not included in the tour. Conlin Athletic Tours reserves the right to substitute hotels of similar quality and other included features when necessary.

What is a Land-Only Tour?

A Land-Only Tour begins upon arrival at the tour hotel. Because tour participants live all over the world, and many wish to use frequent flyer miles or cash-in rewards, departing from the university’s home airport is not convenient for everyone. Land-Only participants take care of their own transportation to the tour city and hotel. Upon check-in at the hotel, they are officially on the tour, along with the Air/Land Tour participants. Subsequently, on departure day, Land-Only participants are again responsible to arrange for return transportation home. Conlin Athletic Tours can arrange airline reservations for Land-Only participants upon request.

What defines a "child" traveler?

Participants ages 2-17 are defined as “children.” Children must share a room with at least one adult. Two adults rooming with two children would pay the double rate for the adults and the child’s price for the children. One adult sharing with one or more children would pay the single adult rate and the child’s price for the children.

What defines an "infant"?

Any child under 2 years of age is defined as an “infant.” There is no charge for infants on the tour. Under these terms, they cannot occupy a seat on the plane, or any other form of conveyance—they must be held on the lap of an adult. A game ticket is required for a child of any age.

Can I make special requests?

We will make every attempt to accommodate special requests; however, please understand, they cannot be guaranteed.

What if I want two beds in my room?

Every effort will be made to accommodate room-type requests; however, they cannot be guaranteed. Hotels have a limited number of double-bedded rooms.

How are charter flight times selected?

Flight times will vary from early morning to late evening departures. Because of circumstances beyond our control and the number of chartered aircraft utilized, some departure times may be inconvenient; however, every effort will be made to provide the best scheduling possible.

Can you guarantee my requested hotel?

Again, we work very hard to accommodate any specific hotel request; however, we reserve the right to substitute similar-type properties if the situation warrants. Just a reminder: all of our hotels are Official Tour Hotels and are the best tour hotels available.

Can I earn reward points at the tour hotel?

Point programs vary throughout the hotel industry. It is best to research your program for complete information.

Can I earn frequent flyer points for the charter flight?

Unfortunately, you cannot. While we often use the same aircraft of major carriers, charter flights are considered separate from regular scheduled flights.

When is hotel check-in?

Check-in time usually begins at 3 p.m.

What if I want to check in early or check out late?

This can be requested, but not guaranteed.

Why are my game seats located?

This is one of the most common questions on the tour. Corporate sponsors and television companies are in possession of the majority of the “good” tickets. Conlin Athletic Tours receives game tickets from the university’s athletic department.

What's the best way to purchase my game tickets?

If not included in the tour, game tickets may be secured directly through the university’s athletic department.

Tour Registration Questions

How do I know if you've successfully received my online application?

After you complete your online reservation, you will receive an automated e-mail acknowledgement within 20 minutes. If you do not receive this, please contact the Athletic Tour Hotline.

What if I make a mistake while completing the online application?

If you make a mistake, you may simply close the browser window and re-register. If you need to amend an existing reservation, simply call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Why didn't the hotel have my reservation when I called them?

Because we deal with hotels on a group level, name manifests are not entered into the hotel reservations system until approximately one week prior to arrival. Your confirmation from Conlin Athletic Tours assures that your reservation has been processed.

What if members of my party are arriving/departing on different dates?

Please advise us of any deviations at time of booking.

What if I want to make a reservation for someone else?

Reservations can be made for multiple passengers under one form of payment. Additional reservations can be made by listing other group members in the “Traveling with” box on the tour registration form.

What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

All cancellations must be received in writing—by fax, e-mail, or standard mail—to Conlin Athletic Tours. Cancellation deadlines vary by tour and can be found in the Terms & Conditions on the Tour Application form or on the athletic tour website. We highly recommend purchasing cancellation insurance.

Why is my billing address required when using my credit card?

The credit card companies require billing addresses for authorization.

How do you keep my credit card information secure?

Our website is protected by VeriSign and is encrypted with the latest encryption technology.

What credit cards are accepted?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Why does the Athletic Tour Hotline always seem busy?

Sometimes there is a lot of excitement in the home city and many people are calling for tour information. Please be assured that your call will be answered in the order in which it was received and messages will be returned promptly. Reservations can be made online or through a faxed registration form.

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