Become an Advocate

Are you interested in becoming an Alumni Advocate and unsure where to begin? Please fill out the form below and join a community of other alumni who are engaging in state legislative advocacy efforts, sharing alumni and student success stories, and spreading awareness about the impact of U-M in communities throughout Michigan.

Alumni Advocates will:

  • Foster meaningful connections through targeted engagement with community and government leaders around Michigan.
  • Proactively bring positive attention and visibility to U-M, and celebrate the success and innovation of our students, faculty, and alumni.
  • Amplify and celebrate the beneficial impacts of the University on our state’s economy, culture, health, education outcomes, diversity, and more.

Becoming an Alumni Advocate may only take a few minutes each month and the time commitment is always up to you. By signing up to become an Alumni Advocate, we’ll keep you informed of key priorities and update you when opportunities arise to get involved. Advocacy opportunities may be as quick and easy as signing a petition, sending an email, or making a phone call, or could eventually lead to attending in-person events and/or joining staff at meetings with key decision-makers. But if/when you choose to participate is always up to you!

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