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How to Digitally Store Your Vaccination Card

Different options for digitally storing COVID-19 vaccine info.
By Rachele Conley-Neu, ’08, MA’12


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As we begin to see a slow return to travel, many cities, countries, airlines, and venues are requiring proof of vaccination. If you’re anything like me, you have concerns about carrying your card with you everywhere you go — and if you’re anything like my husband, it doesn’t fit in your wallet!

So, what are your options? A photocopy of it or a record from your doctor’s office are not always accepted, but there are apps that are becoming available, and officially recognized, to verify and share your vaccination status.

Apps That Store Your Vaccination Card


This is an application that was widely used pre-pandemic. It is often paired with TSA PreCheck as an identification tool and a way to breeze through security. CLEAR has you upload a photo of your government-issued ID, CDC vaccination card, and a selfie, as well as answer several questions, to confirm your identity. This is a more encompassing app to ensure appropriate ID and vaccination proof.

VaxYes and Airside

Both of these apps will allow you to upload your CDC vaccination information, but, unlike CLEAR, they do not have the same ID verification. Therefore, most times you will need to provide proof of ID as well.

International Health Record Apps

Both of the following apps can serve as proof of vaccination and test results. They also serve as proof of vaccination for certain airlines:


Accepted as proof for United Airlines, JetBlue, Hawaiian Air, Lufthansa.


Accepted as proof for American Airlines, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia, and Japan Airlines.

State-Designated Health Passes

The U.S. does not have a national health app to use for vaccination records or test results, but some states have developed their own for ease of travel within the state.

Excelsior Pass (New York State)

Verifies vaccination records for those vaccinated in the state.

NYC Covid Safe (New York City)

This is permitted as well in NYC for those vaccinated out of state (it does not cross-check with CDC records, so it functions similarly to the apps mentioned above that just store vaccination data).

Foreign National Health Passes

Many nations have opted for a singular health pass so as not to have to deal with different apps and websites to verify vaccination status and test results.

ArriveCAN (Canada)

A digital migration app that stores vaccination information for Canadians.

Pass Sanitaire (France)

This app is required of all French citizens for indoor dining. U.S. citizens can use it if they get a health provider to enter their CDC vaccination information into the French national system.

CovPass (Germany)

The digital vaccination proof for German residents.

Europe’s EU Digital COVID Certificate/“Green Pass”

Currently, this app is only available to European citizens as a way to store and verify vaccination records and COVID test information. European officials have said that they are working to have it available for foreign travelers to use.


If you are not comfortable carrying your vaccination card with you, take the time to research options for the area or country to which you are traveling. While it is always recommended to have the card with you, these apps will hopefully make it possible to simply carry it virtually when you’re out and about — similar to how you would bring your passport, but leave it in a hotel safe or other secure location.

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