The Block

The Block, powered by nXlvl™, is a premier fan club established by a dozen past and present Michigan athletes, including Mike Morris, Zak Zinter, and Gabe Newburg. The Block leverages online ad revenue and unique fan experiences to raise funds that provide student-athletes with NCAA-compliant income opportunities. From creating paid content to collecting royalties from digital trading cards (NFTs), there’s no shortage of ways for athletes to profit from name, image, and likeness (NIL) through The Block.

The Block’s mission is to positively impact the lives of all current and future Michigan student-athletes. They are committed to building a club that benefits the fans, the athletes, and the University because together, we all win.

When Alumni Association members join The Block, they will receive a FREE limited-edition national championship NFT.

Go Blue Rewards offers are available exclusively to Alumni Association members. Please log in to verify your membership status or become a member to access this offer.

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