Mastering LinkedIn

Get Free Access to the Only LinkedIn Training Designed by Insiders

You already know that LinkedIn is the most important platform for building your professional brand. But did you know that:

  • Recruiters use a special, $10,000 a year version of LinkedIn that can make or break your chances of getting noticed.
  • Just three parts of your profile drive most of LinkedIn’s search algorithm. Optimizing those sections can vastly improve your odds.
  • A few Boolean search techniques can help you track down any company insider, allowing you to improve your chances of getting an interview by 10 times.

Even as experienced LinkedIn users, it is important to utilize these advanced insights and techniques. That is why we have partnered with LinkedIn insiders, The LinkedIn Guys, to get you access to their online masterclass — the only one built by former LinkedIn employees.

Though normally $99, it’s free if you are a member of the Alumni Association. So get started today! Unlock the most powerful tools for getting discovered, getting connected, and getting a job you love!

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