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U-M Latino Alumni: Committees

The U-M Latino Alumni committees and the Board of Directors work to unite and strengthen the University of Michigan Latino Familia. Together, we can share old stories, make new ones, and support every Latino Wolverine’s path to success. The club’s strategic objectives are to:

  1. Share career, educational, and social opportunities at Michigan and within our UMLA familia through virtual events, in-person events, and social media
  2. Support students and alumni at all personal, career, and educational stages through networking events, mentorship programs, and professional development programming
  3. Build long-lasting connections across generations of the UMLA familia

We are always looking to the community for new volunteers to help us design tailored programming, raise funds for students and operations, and communicate our shared stories to the UMLA community and beyond. If you’d like to join a committee or have an idea for a committee to consider, please email us at Please let us know which committee you’re looking to connect to in your subject line.

Programming Committee
Leads: Giancarlo Guzman and Reuben Kapp

The primary focus of the Programming committee is to build engagement, participation, and community among our Latino Alumni base. To that end, this committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and launching all UMLA events, including, but not limited to, all annual events and other events planned throughout the calendar year. In doing so, committee members are responsible for proposing events to the Board, ensuring that each event is headed by an UMLA member (or members), and measuring the success of each event. The committee is responsible for establishing a system to propose events and a template to measure events’ success. This committee is also responsible for growing and maintaining UMLA’s community. As such, committee members will oversee the alumni community list, update it quarterly, and set annual goals for membership growth.

Fund Development Committee
Leads: Anita Martínez and Veronica Sanchez Peavey

The Fund Development committee manages all fundraising efforts–short and long term. This committee is responsible for developing, implementing, and tracking progress of an annual fundraising plan with quantifiable objectives and/or benchmarks. The annual fundraising plan should address funding efforts for events, scholarships, and operations. Additionally, members of this committee will network and build relationships with potential private and public donors and aligned philanthropic entities.

Marketing and Communications Committee
Leads: Susana Olague Trapani and Ivan Aragon

The Marketing and Communications committee is responsible for the integrity of the UMLA voice and brand. The committee creates and manages social media, newsletter, and website content to build community both online and in-person. Members of the Marketing and Communications committee review and edit content generated by other UMLA committees and ensure such content is on-brand, engaging, and meets our editorial standards. The committee also is responsible for liaising with the Alumni Association to secure interns and broadcast our message to the broader U-M community.

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