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Heidi Wegmueller



Degrees: B.A in Sports Management and Communications (University of Michigan in Ann Arbor 2003) and M.S. in International Mass Communications (Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL 2006)

Career: Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships for the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan

Hometown: Dearborn, Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: Ann Arbor has so many things to offer at all times – the University, sporting events, golf, running paths, arts, great restaurants and more. It is nice to be able to walk around downtown and campus as well!

Favorite Michigan Memory: Graduation – it was the best accomplishment and all the hard work paid off; along with great friendships made along the way!

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: Being a part of 665K+ alumni in the world – the network is amazing and I am so proud to cheer on the Wolverines. It is fun to see Wolverines all over the world and say “Go Blue” to one another.

Fun Facts: I am a dual U.S. and Swiss citizen; enjoy traveling around the world; ran 19 half marathons and have a Schnoodle (Maizee).

Amy Hurst

Vice President

Amy Hurst

Michigan Schools: LS&A

Career: University of Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: All the trees, parks and running trails

Favorite Michigan Memory: UM vs Notre Dame “Under the Lights” game

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: No matter where you go, wearing a Michigan shirt will always get you a “Go Blue” from someone

Fun facts: I love to run around and row in the Huron River.

Janet McDole


Janet McDole

Michigan Degree:  BA – English – LSA; Teacher Certification – School of Education

Graduation Year: 1995

Career: Career mentor at Livingston Educational Service Agency and instructor at Washtenaw Community College

Hometown:  Birch Run, Michigan

Current City:  Dexter, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Washtenaw County: The variety of outdoor natural spaces

Favorite Michigan Memory: Sledding in the Arb

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: Having lifelong friends wherever I go

Fun Facts: We love spending time exploring the state of Michigan, especially the areas with lakes.

Adrienne Meyer


Adrienne Meyer



Michigan Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in History & Women’s Studies, 1996; Master of Business Administration, 2015

Career: Nonprofit organization and trade association management

Current City: Ypsilanti, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Washtenaw County: We moved back to the area with a plan to move elsewhere after a 4 year schooling stint…and that was 20 years ago.  I love my adopted hometown of Ypsilanti!  It has wonderful people, amazing restaurants, great activities, and just down the road from all the fun of Ann Arbor.

Favorite Michigan Memory: From being on residence staff (notable achievement of getting all of the freshmen on my hall addicted to Pizza House breadsticks), to watching Desmond’s catch during my freshman year, having lunch with bell hooks with other fellow Women’s Studies teachers, studying late in the grad library, going to the NCAA hockey championship in Cinci, just taking in a crisp autumn day on the Diag, and more, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: I have met Michigan alums all around the country as well as around the globe, and there’s an immediate connection and understanding. Michigan alums love their school and aren’t afraid to show it!

Lynda Myszkowski

Marketing & Communications Chair


Degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration, 1993; MBA (Kellogg)

Career: Marketing and Photography

Hometown: Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: It’s a great mix of city, college town, and the outdoors with restaurants, campus, and parks.

Favorite Michigan Memory: Celebrating on South U after the Fab 5 basketball team won their Final 4 game.  More recently, standing on the field in the snow singing Brightside celebrating the Michigan win over OSU!  Apparently my best Michigan memories are sports related!

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum:  Meeting fellow alums and having something immediately in common.

Sommer Scafidi

Programming Chair


Degrees: BA- Psychology and Communication Studies, MS (Columbia University)

Graduation Year: 2003

Career: Healthcare Strategist

Hometown: Northville, Michigan

Current city: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: Living in close proximity to the university and amid so many Michigan alums

Favorite Michigan Memory: Sitting in the stadium on graduation day with 5,000 of my peers

Best Part of Being a Michigan Alum: A shared sense of pride and love for the university among alums that extends across the globe- no matter where in the world you go, you can count on spotting someone wearing the block M.

Committee Members
Audrey Cook

Programming Committee

Audrey Cook


Michigan Degrees: Bachelor of Science Aerospace Engineering in 1981 and a Master of Science Aerospace Engineering in 1983

Career: Consulting for Wright Electric Inc, Research and Development of Electric Engine for Transport Category Aircraft as standards and regulations liaison.  Previously Engineer for General Electric in Cincinnati, Ohio, then Williams International in Walled Lake, Michigan and airline pilot (retired as a Captain on the Boeing 717).

Hometowns: Detroit and Livonia, Michigan

Current City: Whitmore Lake, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Washtenaw County: Being close to U of M (Go Blue!!!) and the atmosphere of campus and the town of Ann Arbor.

Favorite Michigan Memory: Stepping out onto the field from the tunnel at a Michigan Football Game with the Michigan Marching Band and looking up in utter amazement at all the people in the stadium.  Incredible!

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: Sharing the love of U-M with those who feel it too.

Fun Facts:  Loves to run and completed several Marathons. Slow but steady makes it to the finish line!  See you there!

Carol Dunitz

Programming Committee


Degrees: U-M undergraduate, Ph.D. in Speech Communication and Theatre from Wayne State University, Audio Engineering certificate from Washtenaw Community College

Career: Owner of The Last Word LLC, a marketing and communications company. I previously focused on creating advertising campaigns and speechwriting but currently producing a feature length movie musical. I’ve written seven books and four musicals. I’ve spoken professionally and toured in my one-woman musical, done volunteer work for various organizations, and been on numerous boards.

Fun Facts: I havefour daughters, all of whom attended the University of Michigan and live in Ann Arbor. I have two grandchildren.

Sara Gentry

Programming Committee



Michigan Degree: BA Mathematics, 1996

Career: Mathematics Teacher at Washtenaw International High School and Middle Academy

Hometown: Saline, Michigan

Current City: Saline, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Washtenaw County: Small town feel with amazing restaurants and culture.

Favorite Michigan Memory: Football Saturdays at the Big House

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: Seeing U-M gear and sharing a “Go Blue” no matter where I travel.

Robin Harn

Programming Committee

Robin Harn


Michigan Degree: Industrial and Operations Engineering

Graduation Year: 2013

Career: Field Event Manager at Chess.com

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: I love the diversity of people, the variety of small businesses, and the cross-pollination of town and university activities.

Favorite Michigan Memory: Rushing the field at Michigan Stadium in 2011 after we beat Ohio State. Or luckily being in attendance at the basketball game at Crisler in 2014 when they introduced Jim Harbaugh at halftime just a few days after he was first hired.

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: The community-building camaraderie of a random “Go Blue” from someone on a random hike or board game night or volleyball tournament or really any type of gathering.

Fun Fact: I host one of the largest annual video gaming conventions in the Midwest, affectionately named “The Big House”, each October in Detroit!

David Lawrence-Lupton

Marketing & Communications Committee


Degrees: BA – History (Residential College), JD

Graduation Years: 2006, 2009

Career: Higher Ed Administration

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: Spending fall Saturdays with family at Michigan Stadium

Favorite Michigan Memory: Making it to the field after beating OSU in the 100th Game (2003), with Braylonfest a close second!

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: Randomly connecting with Michigan fans all over the world

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute

Linda Miller

Programming Committee









Michigan Degree: BA in Psychology

Graduation Year: 1983

Career: Executive Assistant at May Mobility

Hometown: Southfield, Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: Having access to so many great outdoor and cultural activities right here in Ann Arbor and in the close surrounding communities

Favorite Michigan Memory: Working as a “bouncer” (checking ID) at Rick’s

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: Knowing that virtually anywhere that I travel in the world, it’s very likely that I will find fellow Wolverines

Fun Facts: I love hiking and generally being outdoors, trying out new restaurants and traveling.

Rebecca Rausch

Marketing & Communications Committee


Michigan Degree: BS in Neuroscience, LSA

Graduation Year: 2012

Career: Research Scientist @ EyeCRO

Hometown: Williamston, Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite part of living in Ann Arbor: Attending Michigan football & basketball games

Favorite Michigan Memory: Beating OSU in 2011!

Best Part of Being a Michigan Alum: The large and diverse community

Fun fact: I grew up just outside of East Lansing and was an MSU fan until age 15 (when I finally came to my senses!)

Ceci Riecker

Programming Committee


Michigan degree: A.B. LSA (English)

Graduation Year: 1983

Career: Development professional

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Current city: Dexter, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Washtenaw County: Parks, museums, concerts and U-M sports

Favorite Michigan Memory: Living in Mosher-Jordan dorm. I loved it there!

Best art of Being a Michigan Alum: The connections with other alumni all over the world

Fun Facts: I enjoy spending time outside hiking and riding horses.

Michelle Roney

Marketing & Communications Committee

Michelle Roney

Michigan Degree: LSA, AB ’13

Hometown: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Michigan Memory: Senior year at Michigan, watching Michigan Bball make a huge comeback during March Madness to beat #1 seed Kansas in the semifinals, thanks to Trey Burke.

Robert Schultz

Marketing & Communications Committee

Robert Schultz


Michigan Degree: MS in Survey Methodology – Rackham

Graduation Year: 2022

Career: Researcher at SoFi

Hometown: Woodhaven Michigan

Current City: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Favorite Part of Living in Ann Arbor: Proximity to Detroit and the airport and always something to do downtown.

Favorite Michigan Memory: Crashing Ashley’s Bar after 6 hours of stat classes on a Friday.

Best Part of being a Michigan Alum: The instant credibility you get in some arenas or connections you can make with the background.

Fun Fact: Used to coach collegiate cross country.


Ann Arbor Outstanding Board Large

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