Join us Sept. 14 at the U-M Golf Course for the 2024 Alumni Territory Homecoming Tailgate!

U-M Club of St. Louis: Get Involved

If you want to meet new people and give back to the community, consider getting involved with the Alumni Club. Send an e-mail with your name, phone number and alumni or associate status to


We host several activities throughout the year. See our photo gallery and come join us! The following is a summary of this last year’s activities:

  1. We gave one award at the St. Louis Science Fair consisting of T-shirt, certificate, cash contribution to the student’s MOST account and an offer of a scholarship, if they attend Michigan.
  2. The club sponsored a Q&A session for high school students that had been admitted to Michigan, but had not yet accepted. The purpose is to show them some successful alumni and convince them of the value of a Michigan education.
  3. Students from Ann Arbor were spending their spring break doing volunteer work at a local charity. We took them out to dinner and sent them home with large doggie bags. Several alumni joined us for this chance to interact with these very generous students on their alternative spring break.
  4. We had several well attended football game watches and provided some appetizers at big games. Also, we had several Basketball game watches including the Big10 tournament and final four.
  5. Meals served at Ronald McDonald’s House again this year. We served breakfast at the St. Louis University Hospital House to help this cause.
  6. Volunteers helped clean and cultivate a community garden in St. Louis for Gateway Greening. Their mission is to educate and empower people to strengthen their communities through gardening and urban agriculture. A happy hour followed and the event coincided with graduation at Ann Arbor.
  7. We promoted a talk by Dr. Henry Greenspan at the St. LouisHolocaustMuseum and LearningCenter. Dr. Greenspan is a psychologist at the University of Michigan. He was invited by the Center for the Humanities at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis. A reception followed.
  8. Our annual meeting was held in May and featured a talk by Dr. Stephen Wexler, a noted local alumni and leading LASIK surgeon and ophthalmologist, on the latest vision correction technology. The event was followed by a baseball game between the Cardinals and Cubs; won by the Cards in a bizzarre finish.
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