U-M Club of Central Florida: Board Leadership

2021 – 2022 Leadership

President  Liz Cvercko lizrd19@gmail.com
Vice President  Andrea Thomason tathomason@gmail.com
Treasurer  Jason Scott u.of.m.fan.jds@gmail.com
Secretary   Alex Montgomery alex.montgomery88@gmail.com
Membership  Jenny Murphy jenny@floridalifestyleproperties.com
Programming  Cheryl Stevens gobluegal93@gmail.com
Scholarship  Jennifer Ciszecky jciszecky@cfl.rr.com
Communications  Elliott Castillo elzcasti87@gmail.com

All members are welcome to attend board meetings. If you are interested in joining the board or volunteering for any of our club events please contact us at centralflorida-board@umich.edu.

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