U-M Club of Bay City: Ticket Exchange

Bay City Alumni Association Ticket Exchange

If you need a ticket for a football, basketball, hockey game or another U-M event, you can find one on our ticket exchange web site. Send an email to [email protected] and offer event tickets for exchange or sale, or seek tickets from other members. Alumni will contact you directly so make sure to include your name, email address or phone and specific information on what you are selling or seeking. Information will be posted on this site so make sure you check back often.

Note that all transactions are between private parties and are neither endorsed nor guaranteed by the University of Michigan Club of Bay City. Also, this is intended to be a service to U-M friends and alumni to acquire or dispose of extra tickets and is NOT INTENDED TO BE A VENUE FOR TICKET BROKERS OR SCALPERS SEEKING TO PROFIT FROM THE U-M COMMUNITY. Please report any such occurences to [email protected].

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