The University of Michigan provides opportunities unlike any other University. Gifted students around the world dream of attending Michigan, but unfortunately not all of them have the financial resources to make that goal a reality. As a result, many top students choose to attend other institutions that offer more competitive financial aid packages. That’s where the power of alumni come in.

Your gift can help the University attract those who want and deserve to be Wolverines. With state funding shrinking more and more, it’s especially important that we step up to help bridge the gap. Below is a snapshot of borrowing statistics for a U-M student with high financial needs…

  • They borrow above the national average and more than students at any other Big Ten school, averaging:
    • $22,000 for undergrad
    • $45,000 for a masters student
    • $107,000 for professional degree students
  • They borrow from private lenders at higher interest rates
  • They take longer to graduate
  • They are more likely to drop out because of financial strain

To help the University’s mission to make an U-M education accessible to those who want to attend, we’ve set up two distinct scholarships that are worthy of your gifts–our LEAD Scholarships, and our Clubs Scholarships.

Lead Scholarships

Giving to our LEAD Scholars program helps underrepresented accepted students attend the University of Michigan. LEAD stands for Leadership, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity. And it’s more than just financial assistancerecipients form a community of scholars who grow together through career exploration, alumni and peer mentoring, leadership, community service, and social opportunities. Thanks to you, we’re creating a more diverse campus, making for a better education and a better University. Find out more details on giving a gift to the LEAD Scholarship program.

“The LEAD Scholars program is unparalleled. There is a huge sense of community and support that motivates students not only to excel academically, but to aim for the best careers, internships, and experiences post-graduation.” — Monique Becker, LEAD Scholar Alum ’15

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship

Your gift to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund will recruit accepted African American students and recognize their academic achievement through merit-based scholarships. This is a focused effort within our LEAD Scholars program to provide opportunities specifically within the African American community.

Mary Stewart Scholarship

Recruiting scholarship to address racial diversity in the undergraduate student population for African American students admitted to the University of Michigan pursuing any degree.

Gabriel Hargo Scholarship Fund for Michigan Law

Recruiting scholarship to address racial diversity in the graduate student population for African Americans admitted to the University of Michigan pursuing a Law degree.

Regional Club Scholarships

Giving to our Regional Club Scholarships program is a great way to help a deserving accepted student in your local area attend the University of Michigan. Last year, our alumni clubs provided scholarship support to nearly 400 of the best and brightest students from their local areas. This year, we have set a goal of raising $10 million in new club scholarships, which will increase support to nearly 600 students.

“This scholarship was the deciding factor that enabled me to attend the University of Michigan, my top school. As a first generation college student, I am forever grateful to you for keeping my dream alive”

— Chris Reynolds, Club Scholarship Recipient