LEAD Scholarship Student Application

LEAD Scholars Program Application

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Contact Information & High School - Page 1


8 digit number located in your acceptance email from U-M and in the Common App.

High School

U-M Admission & Financial Aid - Page 2

U-M Admission

Financial Aid
What other scholarships have you applied for? Please list the scholarship name and amount. 

What other scholarships have you been awarded? Please list the scholarship name and amount you were awarded. 

Demographics - Page 3


What is the highest level of education completed by your parents or guardian?

What are the occupations of your parents or guardian? 

Academic Interests & LEAD Scholars Application - Page 4

Academic Interests and Plan
What are the top three majors you are interested in pursuing?

LEAD Scholars Program Application

Please share what extracurricular activities you participated in during high school, grade levels when you participated and the position you held:

Short Essay - Page 5

Short Essay (300 words or less)
Creating and supporting a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment are priorities for both
U-M and the Alumni Association. Please share an example of how you have contributed to creating 
and supporting a diverse community, or how you plan to enhance diversity at U-M.

Long Essay - Page 6

Long Essay (500 words or less)

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