River of Fun

A look at the watery offerings of Ann Arbor parks.
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Ann Arborites looking for fun summertime activities don’t have to go far for options on the water. As the Huron River winds through town, Argo, Gallup and other parks along its shores take advantage of its natural features to provide a variety of opportunities to get out there with canoes, kayaks, tubes, paddleboats, and more. Summer camps, boating instruction courses, and other river-based activities are also available.

“A canoe livery has been in operation on the Huron River in Ann Arbor since the late 1800s, and what we have now is the largest canoe livery operation in the state, with a fleet of 550 boats and over 90,000 people paddling each year,” says Cheryl Saam, ’81, recreation supervisor for Ann Arbor’s liveries.

“Having a beautiful clean river in an urban area provides a fun, unique, and adventurous experience that is accessible to all and is a completely different view of our city.”

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Park information:

Gallup Park Livery

3000 Fuller Road

(734) 794-6240

Argo Park Livery & Cascades

1055 Longshore Drive

(734) 794-6241

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