On the Diag

By Alex Bernard, ’16


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Micah Griggs, Junior

What are you doing on the Diag today?
I’m campaigning with a party, newMICH. We’re running for CSG (Central Student Government). I’m running for vice president.

Why would you do that to yourself?
It’s funny, I actually am a member of CSG right now as a representative, and I had a great experience within CSG. But a lot of things can improve, and so that’s why I’m running and that’s why I’m out here on the Diag and campaigning.

Are you finding yourself swept up by the current presidential election at all?
Did that motivate your decision to run? Oh no, not at all! But it’s exciting that that’s going on. It’s a pivotal moment in our… you know.

What’s it like campaigning to . . .
At this point, two students approached and offered free sunglasses and Frisbees. We both took the sunglasses.
Um. What was the question?

What’s it like campaigning to other students?
It’s so much fun because you just go up and say, “Hey, do you have 30 seconds? What’s your name?” Get to know people. And then you find out that you actually had a class with them or you advocate for the same things.

Is it ever a little embarrassing if you have a class with somebody and you don’t remember that you had a class with them?
Actually, yeah, it is embarrassing! Or you meet a friend’s boyfriend or you know them through Facebook or something like that.

Have you been recognized on Facebook? “Hey you’re running for VP!”
Social media has definitely helped us in this campaign. So I say, “Hey! You know me from Facebook. What’s your name?” Try to get to know people like that.

Have you made a lot of new friends through your campaign?
I’ve made a lot of new friends, and I’ve learned a lot about so many different student organizations.

Is it more fun or more work than you thought it would be? Or both?
It’s definitely more work, and I think that it should be more work. The real issues that CSG needs to address requires a lot of work.

So how are you managing to get sleep with everything that’s going on? Because this is a huge commitment.
It is a huge commitment, but I prioritize my well-being first, and I think that’s important. I can’t campaign on mental health if I’m not taking care of myself.

Is that your big platform issue?
That’s one of our platform issues — mental health, diversity, safety.

Have people reached out to you to talk to you about that?
Yeah — students, orgs. We’ve reached out to them, though, too. We want to come to those student orgs that have already made efforts toward those issues on campus.

So I just noticed this. Your name is written with the M in the Diag as the first letter of your name. That’s weird, right?
It’s definitely weird. It’s so surreal that this is happening. I’m just extremely humble.

Are you thinking about making the “Micah” on the M your Facebook cover photo?
Yeah I think I might!

Editor’s note: Micah Griggs was successful in her campaign, winning the election as vice president.

Alex Bernard, ’16, is a comedy/fiction writer soon to be based out of Los Angeles or Chicago.

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