Making a U-M Education Possible

Bergin Fisniku, ’06, owes his U-M education to the alumni who supported a U of M Club of Chicago scholarship.
By Bergin Fisniku, ’06


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Bergin Fisniku, ’06, owes his U-M education to the generous alumni who supported a U of M Club of Chicago scholarship. It is just one of many sponsored by alumni clubs across the country.

I grew up poor. That is a fact. Despite limited means, I had a strong upbringing that allowed me to dream. My parents emigrated from Albania in search of a better life for their family and did their best to contribute to a better future for my brother and me.

I share this with you not to evoke pity, because I am fortunate.

For as long as I can remember I had a desire to attend a university of distinction. Despite my parents’ unwavering support, the reality was that my ability to enroll at the University of Michigan was not entirely clear—until the kindness and generosity of alumni throughout Chicagoland helped make my dream possible through the U of M Club of Greater Chicago Scholarship.

And while I received my scholarship years ago, it continues to contribute to who I am today—a Michigan graduate, a Michigan husband, and a Michigan success story.

Every year, thousands of high school students find themselves in that same challenging position between financial reality and the desire for a world-class education. I’m proud to say that Michigan alumni from around the globe continue to rise up and help turn desire into reality for hundreds of aspiring Wolverines like me.

Together, we can continue to help make these experiences possible, change lives, and help create new Michigan success stories.

I am fortunate, once again, in my life because I have the ability to find ways to give back in the way that those who came before me helped me. I believe that ingrained in the fibers of every Michigan Man and Michigan Woman is an enthusiasm for our collective experience as Michigan students. We are now alumni with a passion for giving back and sharing that Maize and Blue experience with the new generations of Wolverines.

I hope you will continue to help make this world-class Michigan education affordable for some of the most talented and deserving high school students living in your local area with a gift this year.

Visit the Alumni Association’s club scholarships page to learn how you can contribute.

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