Heard on Campus: The End of the Academic Year

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8/23/11 Aerial of U-M Central Campus as the sun rises during a Day in the Life of the University of Michigan on August 23, 2011.

We asked your fellow students two questions this month: “What was the highlight of your year?” “What is on your Michigan bucket list before graduating?” Read their classic and crazy answers about Michigan moments past and future.


Callum Alfred, Junior
Physics and Astronomy

I went with the Men’s Glee Club to perform at the international Men’s Collegiate Choir Seminar at the University of Illinois-Champaign, and we performed this song called “Seven Last Words of the Unarmed.” It memorialized the last words of seven unarmed black men who have been shot. The emails and responses that we got from so many people across the country was really moving, just seeing how something like this can affect people and change lives.

Bucket List:
I want to go to one of the football bowl games. I think that would be really cool.


Miriam Dow, Senior
Biological, Chemical, and Neuropsychology

Things I have done in association with my student org. I’m sitting here tabling right now for the org, Students for Choice, and I’ve been working with this organization for quite a while now. We put on an “Abortion Speak Out” earlier this year where we had people speak out and share their experiences. It was really cool to create a safe place in doing that. And then we also had the Vagina Monologues this semester. It raises a lot of money for a local domestic violence center.

Bucket List:
I just want to eat at Zingerman’s. Everyone always says you have to do that, and I somehow have not gotten around to it.


Dwight Seahorn, Junior
Animal Psychology and Zoo Studies

This was my first full year as a cheerleader for Michigan. My favorite moment was running onto the Michigan field and looking at it, all around, a fully packed Big House.

Bucket List:
I want to make an impact on campus. Whether that is being a cheerleader or being in Glee Club or any of my other organizations; I just want to make a difference.


Lily Backer, Senior
Program in the Environment, Spanish Minor

Working with Camp Kesem (an organization that supports children who have a parent with cancer). I was the director this year, and working with the organization has really given me a lot of purpose. I used my senior year to create this camp, hire new counselors, and give this opportunity to families that are struggling.

Bucket List:
I really want to go to Detroit and do a couple of things there. I have never been to the DIA! And with being from out of state, I will never be in this state again so I feel like I need to spend as much time as I can in the area. I want to go to Mexicantown — Greektown, too. And I’ll get some baklava!


Anna Bergson, Freshman

I really like meeting a lot of new people, and — having been from a small town suburb in Chicago — it’s really cool to find people with a lot of similar interests and hobbies.

Bucket List:
I want to work in a research lab for the psychology department, something working with kids and their developmental health.


Paco Gallardo, Freshman

The genuineness of people. Everybody has been super accepting of the other people in my experience so far and not degrading. I guess that’s just me, coming from high school where it was something that felt superficial and fake.

Bucket List:
I want to go to every type of sporting event, and I also want to maybe start my own club. I want to maybe join optiMize and work to maybe create my own app. I don’t know, there’s so much I want to do.


Ben Yu, Senior
Political Science

I recently had to drop political science courses, because I figured out that it was wrong for me. I am switching to computer science courses now.

Bucket List:
I skate, but I don’t like to do it out in front of everyone. I really want to jump the steps out in front of Weiser Hall. I think that would be really, really cool.

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