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Heard on Campus: Sign Me Up

By David Newman


Read time: 2 minutes

Our student reporter, David Newman, ’18, tracks freshman Beatrice “Bice” Kelly-Andrews’ first Festifall.

So this is your big moment to learn all about thousands of campus organizations with thousands of other students. Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Well, I went to a high school with 320 students, so you know, this is just a little bit bigger.

Just a bit.

I ran into a horde of people walking over here, including this big group of frat boys. It was me and like 800 guys. I had to climb over a wall of people just to make it here.

Glad you made it in one piece. So what are you looking to get involved with here?

Well, I did a lot of philanthropy at my high school, so that’s something I really enjoy. You know, like organizing events. Maybe a smaller club if I see something I like. I already signed up for club volleyball for tryouts and stuff.

Wow! Club volleyball and philanthropy. Didn’t you say you have a sister who is a student here too? What does she think you should sign up for?

Yeah, Violet. She’s a junior. I don’t think she cares honestly. She’s busy right now looking for love if you know any interested parties.

Ah, I’ll keep that in mind.

Bice starts picking up pamphlets for everything from the Yoga Club to Groove (a trashcan percussion group), but stops abruptly in front of one particular table.

Does that interest you?

No, I will absolutely not do engineering.

We keep walking. She picks up information from numerous tables, including She’s the First, an organization that raises money to send first-generation female students to college; D-SIP (Development Summer Internship Program), sponsored by the University for students wanting fundraising and development experience, UMMA (U-M Museum of Art) After Hours to help with nighttime events, and Semester in Detroit.

How many do you think you’ll actually sign up for?

In high school, I was involved in way too many clubs. So I told myself I wouldn’t do that in college. I’m not going to have every single hour of every single day booked. But now, both my hands are filled with pamphlets and flyers and activities. I think I signed up for way too many lists. I’m going to have some choices to make. I can’t exactly join 20 clubs.

I think one of the first lessons you need to learn here is how to say no to things.
I’ve been trying to work on that for the last year and I’m still terrible. It happens like, “Oh, I need someone to bake something for my bake sale!” and I’ll go, “Hey, I have volleyball practice all night but I’ll do it, and who else needs something done? I’ll do it all!”

So, you’re about to leave your first Festifall. Thoughts?

I’m just hoping I don’t over-commit myself. When I commit to too many things and something slips through cracks, I hate it. I really need to narrow things down.

Let me know how that goes, yeah?

Oh yeah, for sure.

David Newman is a junior acting major in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance. He is a University Relations and Development Intern with the Alumni Association.

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