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Five Questions for LEAD Scholar Christina Cartwright

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Christina Cartwright ‘17, University of Michigan, Undecided/General Biology

Hometown and Hobbies:

I’m from Novi, MI. In my free time, I like to crochet, go on the internet, sleep, and incorporate tv show references in my everyday life to the chagrin of those closest to me.

Future Plans:

After I graduate, I plan to get a master’s degree in public health.

Why Michigan?:

I liked the forward thinking atmosphere of the campus, plus it’s really beautiful in the fall. (I’m not about this below zero weather right now, though.)

Favorite LEAD moment:

Going to a bowling alley with my mentor last November was AWESOME. Even though I can’t play to save my life, it was so fun to laugh at those who took it way too seriously.

Advice to LEAD Scholars:

When looking for extracurricular activities to get involved in, choose those that really mean something to you, ones that you wouldn’t so much mind spending a lot of your time pursuing instead of halfway joining a bunch of clubs, etc. that you aren’t completely passionate about. In the long run, your time will be much better spent and way more meaningful.

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