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Carol Jantsch, ’06, is breathing new life into an often-overlooked brass instrument and winning accolades for her pioneering role.
John Wang, ’03, reflects on the mission of his business, Queens Night Market.
“I’d acquired the name of my firstborn child because I was too tired from cramming all night to clearly enunciate my own name.”
A 1951 Hopwood Award winner, what alumnus was an influential poet and leading figure at the New York School, an informal group of artists, writers, and musicians?
U-M alums share their travel photos.
We take a look at a few of the earliest U-M alumnae.
Learn the how and why of the iconic boulder’s journey to its spot on one of Ann Arbor’s main roads—and the surprising possible origin of the painting tradition.
A homecoming queen turned activist is being honored with a scholarship fund.
One aerospace alum shot for the stars ... and landed among them.
U-M alums share their travel photos.
Dino Ruggeri, ’11, turned a passion for the outdoors into an inclusive climbing gym.
John Wang, ’03, shares how his daughter has helped him recalibrate his relationship with food.
What alumnus left the tech sector in 2012 to dedicate himself to award-winning documentary filmmaking?
In 2011, what alumnus was awarded an honorary Oscar for his acting career of “consistent excellence and uncommon versatility?”
Jim Brandstatter’s, ’72, third book features audio clips from U-M football legends.
Heather Wing, MSW’04: ‘We try to take the red tape out of caring for kids.’
We look back at the myriad of ads that have run in the alumni magazine, painting a picture of our changing tastes over almost 130 years.
What alumnus created the precursor program to Adobe Photoshop by way of procrastinating in writing his doctoral dissertation?