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In 2011, what alumnus was awarded an honorary Oscar for his acting career of “consistent excellence and uncommon versatility?”
Jim Brandstatter’s, ’72, third book features audio clips from U-M football legends.
Heather Wing, MSW’04: ‘We try to take the red tape out of caring for kids.’
We look back at the myriad of ads that have run in the alumni magazine, painting a picture of our changing tastes over almost 130 years.
What alumnus created the precursor program to Adobe Photoshop by way of procrastinating in writing his doctoral dissertation?
Though the Alumni Association was formed 125 years ago, there have only been 11 leaders to serve as president and CEO. Here are some historical insights into this select group.
"When I applied as an out-of-state student to U-M in the spring of 1946, it never occurred to me that I would not be admitted."
John Wang, '03, shares his culinary insights into the indelible relationship between food and sports.
Before he stoked Wolverine spirits with his spirited “Meechigan” radio calls, what alumnus held a track and field world record?
U-M alumni share their travel photos.
What competitive diver suffered a broken arm at the 1968 Olympics but came back to win the gold medal in 1972?
One of Michigan’s storied football rivalries had humble beginnings, as a pair of U-M players served to bridge a gap and teach the game to Notre Dame.
Melissa Beyrand, ’22, took home the title of Miss Michigan after pushing for women in STEAM careers.
As U-M was getting ready to celebrate a major milestone in its existence in 1912, the school discovered a surprising fact: the famous Maize and Blue had not been officially defined.
While starring in her own television series has elevated Michelle Oakley’s profile, life as a veterinarian remains her foremost priority.
In this series, John Wang, '03, shares his culinary insights.
We can never pick when the world shifts, so seeking growth on purpose prepares us for being comfortable with these forced adaptations.
What alumnus was president and general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers when he signed Jackie Robinson, thus breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball?