Can You Guess That Grad?

What competitive diver suffered a broken arm at the 1968 Olympics but came back to win the gold medal in 1972?
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Although U-M didn’t have a varsity women’s diving team at the time, MICKI KING, ’66, chose to enroll because of the presence of Dick Kimball, ’59, MA’60, an accomplished Wolverine competitive diver and the coach of female students at the Ann Arbor Swim Club. King flourished at the swim club, winning national honors and making her Olympics debut at the 1968 Mexico City games, where she was a top contender in the 3-meter springboard dive. Her performance was hampered, however, by contact with the diving board on her second-to-last attempt. Despite this, she powered through with what was later discovered to be a broken arm. King continued training with Kimball and made her comeback in 1972, winning the gold medal in the same event at the Munich Olympic Games.

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