Alumni Advice to the Class of 2021

Michigan Alumnus asks U-M alumni what advice they would give to students
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The class of 2022 more than proved their resilience during the last 18 months by graduating successfully from U-M despite the many challenges presented by the pandemic. To support students as they continue their journey, Michigan Alumnus asked alumni via the Association’s Facebook page, “What advice would you give to the class of 2021, particularly around how to stay connected to U-M as alumni?”

The following is just a sampling of the dozens of comments received that should help all students, not just seniors.

Show Your Colors

Erica Strawman Pontius: Congratulations grads!!! You cannot go wrong shouting out “Go Blue!” when you see a fellow alum. I have enjoyed many great conversations over the years all over the world with U-M grads proudly wearing their Michigan gear. Don’t take it for granted. Your time at Michigan has shaped you. You are a part of the Leaders and Best community!

Mary Sarros Perez: Congratulations class of 2021! Always be proud to be a Wolverine. I still am after 60 years! When you travel anywhere in the world, wear your U-M cap or T-shirt. It’s amazing how many fellow Wolverines you will meet.

Doris Rubenstein: Wear a piece of Michigan swag when you travel. You’ll hear “Go Blue” and know you’ve got a friend if you need help in any way!

Pay it Forward

Jenn Victorious: If any faculty, organization, or program was kind and financially provided grace, a grant, or recommendation for you to continue to academically achieve in any way, big or small, remember to pay it forward and give back to the school in some significant way either by volunteering or donating.

Jay Carter: Remember that networking is about what you can offer, not accept. Pay it forward.

Terrie Woods: When you look up, see more then the sky. Stay focused. And when you look down at someone, make sure it’s because you are helping them up. Congratulations!

Join the Alumni Association

Susan Yates: Join the Alumni Association as a life member. That way, wherever you go and whatever you do, you will ALWAYS have access to the great U-M alumni body and to all info related to the U.

Debbie Scott Goodwin: Join the Alumni Association and find a local club to get involved with. Come back to Ann Arbor every chance you get!

Judith M. Rollenhagen: Join the Alumni Association ASAP, and get season tickets to the football games … no matter where you go or whether you can afford them or not!!! Took me 51 years to get those seats!!!! Best of life for you all!!!

Words of Wisdom

Joan Muhme: Simply stated, life is full of ups and downs. Make sure you don’t get lost in the downs.

Liz Homer: Life after 30 will be easier. The 20s are difficult because you have so many life decisions to make. Seek advice, consider the advice.

Joyce Bayma-Jilek: Learning is lifelong. Be strong, be humble, and Go Blue!

Sheila Eve Elias Morgan: Do what you love.

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