Peer Mentoring

LEAD Scholars talking outside the Alumni Center at the University of Michigan

Whether you’re a freshman, a senior, or somewhere in between, knowing someone has your back is a good feeling! So take advantage of the support offered by your LEAD peers and actively participate in the LEAD Peer Mentorship program.

How does it work?

All freshmen are automatically matched with an upperclassman for their first year, and that relationship continues throughout their years at Michigan. Sophomores and above can continue to participate as a mentor to a freshman and, of course, as a mentee to the scholar who was their first-year mentor.

The LEAD Advisory Board is planning several events just for mentor/mentee pairs (like mentor/mentee bowling). These will be awesome opportunities for you to further your mentoring relationship, and, most times, they’re free! Don’t forget, just attending any LEAD event together can be fun. Plus, watch for opportunities to bring your mentor or mentee to LEAD events for a chance to win fun giveaways for both of you.

Bringing Out the Leaders and Best in Mentors

Here are some things to help make this your best mentor/mentee year ever: