Thank You for Participating in the Free Tuition Drawing

The Ingalls Mall Fountain at the University of Michigan

Thank you, parents, for your participation in the 2022 Tuition Drawing! Your generosity is having an immediate impact on your student — and it continues to spread through the entire alumni community by supporting the enriching programs and initiatives that support the futures of all Wolverines.

The winners of this year’s Tuition Drawing are:

First prize: One semester of free (in-state) tuition valued up to $9,200

  • Craig & Deborah Penrose, parent of Sarah Penrose, LSA Class of 2025

Second prize: Student Life Membership valued at $749

  • Katherine & Michael Flores, parent of Bella Flores, LSA Class of 2026

Third prize: One-time tuition grant valued at $500

  • Karen & Neil Sambursky, parent of Jack Sambursky, School of Information Class of 2024

Thank you for your support — it has never mattered more.