(In)visible Disabilities and the Job Search

June 21, 2022


Watch time:

30-60 mins
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Presented by Alumni Association

Despite protections like the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Bureau of Labor Statistics still reports that 19.1% of persons with a disability were employed in 2021 compared to 63.7% of persons without a disability. The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, in partnership with the University Career Center and the Equity, Civil Rights, and Title IX Office at the University of Michigan, hosted a webinar titled “(In)visible Disabilities and the Job Search” as part of the Diversity Dialogue Series.

In this recording from the event, you will:

  • Learn resources for alumni and students in the job search
  • Understand the technical legalities of the job search, including what employers are allowed and not allowed to ask of job seekers
  • Connect with a community of fellow alumni and students also in the job search
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