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Good with Words: Speaking and Presenting



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Presented by Michigan Online

Michigan Online presents the course Good with Words: Speaking and Presenting.

Suppose you were good with words. Suppose when you decided to speak, the message you delivered—and the way you delivered it—successfully connected with your intended audience. What would that mean for your career prospects? What would that mean for your comfort level in social situations? And perhaps most importantly, what would that mean for your satisfaction with the personal relationships you value the most? This specialization is designed to help you find out. Based on an award-winning course and workshop series at the University of Michigan that has been taken by students training to enter a wide range of fields—law, business, medicine, social work, public policy, design, engineering, and many more—it removes the guesswork from figuring out how to communicate clearly and compellingly.

All of us have ideas that are worth sharing. Why not learn to convey yours in a way that people will appreciate, enjoy, and remember?

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