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*The 2024 Online Information Form will be available April 2024.

The University of Michigan Club of Greater Manistee – Ludington encourages student applicants, who have been accepted for admission to the University of Michigan as first time freshmen level students, to apply for a club award. Those who have matriculated for the Fall class by May 1st are eligible for consideration.

For further information about the club award go to the Eligibility page.

Please direct all questions to:
Contacts:          Jan Newman-Graham    231-510-6019     [email protected]
                           Cathy Webster    231-794-9023    [email protected]

PLEASE GIVE LIKE A VICTOR to our Club Scholarship Fund!

Send your contribution to:

U-M Club of Greater Manistee-Ludington
P. O. Box 57
Manistee, MI 49660

You are also able to donate directly to the Greater Manistee-Ludington Club fund on-line at http://giving.umich.edu/give/alumni-club-manistee.

“Dear The University of Michigan Club of Greater Manistee-Ludington,
Thank you so much for selecting me with your scholarship of $300 and a $50 M Den gift card! I am very thankful for this award, and for all of you taking the time to read my application.
I am really excited about my upcoming journey at U of M, and I can’t wait to see where my education and experiences will take me. I know that by becoming a wolverine, my education/ degree will take me anywhere I seek to find a job. I am proud that I get to start out and take pride in being a student at the country’s top public university, and my dream school.
Tuition is very costly so I couldn’t thank you all enough for this scholarship.
Elise Johnson – Benzie Central High School, 2022 Recipient

“Dear University of Michigan Alumni Association,                                                                                       

Thank you for this scholarship, it means a lot to me.  I cannot wait to meet you later this summer. This is just a small representation of the incredible depth of the University of Michigan’s Alumni.  I am incredibly excited to attend UMich this fall (on campus? maybe?).  Again, thank you for this scholarship, and I can’t wait to thank you in person!”                                                                                    Max Kline – Ludington High School, 2020 Recipient

“Dear U-M Alumni Club,
Thank you for awarding me a $300 scholarship. I am excited to start my journey in life at Michigan this fall!
Thanks again,”
Alex Netzley – Cadillac High School, 2019 Recipient

“On behalf of Manistee Catholic Central School, I’d like to express my appreciation to you and the U-M Club for your scholarship.  We’re especially grateful that Sean Dougherty was a recipient.  The availability of scholarship is essential to encourage and support students’ post secondary education.  Thank you for your continued efforts in making this possible.”
Rachel Henderson – Academic Counselor Manistee Catholic Central High School, 2019

“Dear U-M Alumni Club of Manistee,
Thank you for recognizing me for your scholarship.  It is greatly appreciated and it will be a big help in the fall at the University of Michigan.”
Jeremiah Torrey – Onekama High School, 2018 Recipient

“Thank you so much for supporting me! Your belief in me as allowed me to excel as I strive toward my goals at the University of Michigan.Go Blue!”
Penny Peterson – Mason County Central, 2017 Recipient

“I’d like to thank you for this scholarship. It has helped to make my dream to Go Blue come true.”

Kyle Schaubroeck – Manistee High School, 2017 Recipient

“Thank you so much for your scholarship.  I really appreciate it!  I am a freshman majoring in Engineering and  have been loving school. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals. Go Blue!”
Ryan DeKryger – Cadillac High School, 2017 Recipient

“I am very grateful for your generosity and support towards my college education.  The U-M Club of Manistee summer tailgate was so welcoming and made me feel excited to come to school here at U-M.  I cannot thank you enough for your financial contribution and for all of your efforts to help students like me prosper.  Go Blue! Sincerely,”
Fallon Gates –  Manistee High School, 2016 Recipient

‘“U-of-M Alumni club,
I’m halfway through my first year at Michigan and I’m loving it. Thanks so much for your scholarship, it has really helped me cover my school expenses.  Thanks,”
Kyle DeKryger – Cadillac High School, 2013 Recipient

“Thank you so much for awarding me (one of) your scholarships.  I am truly amazed and grateful for what you’ve done for me.  Thank you!”
Elizabeth Bergren –  Onekama High School, 2013 Recipient.  Email from Elizabeth (Click)

Berndine Tuohy Trust Loans

U-M Students from Manistee, Mason, Benzie and Wexford counties who have successfully completed at least one year at the University, demonstrating exceptional work, are fortunate to be eligible for  the benefits of the Berndine Tuohy U-M Trust. The Trust provides low interest loans to U-M students from our area and the loans are available to both graduate and undergraduate students.

If you know of any students who would benefit from this fund please contact:
Mike Newman, VP Senior Trust Administrator at West Shore Bank   ph: 888-295-4373   email:  [email protected]

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