Unlocking Leadership & Management Excellence: Understanding, Differentiating, and Harnessing Effective Strategies

Walk away with actionable strategies to elevate your performance as a leader and manager, ensuring you thrive in today’s dynamic workplace landscape.
By Alumni Career Team

Leadership and management both play pivotal roles in fostering effective team performance, driving the attainment of organizational objectives, and cultivating positive employee engagement. In this presentation, we explore the differences between leadership and management and gain a clear understanding of why mastering both is crucial for personal and professional development.

About the Speaker

Leadership and career coach Kristin Simon, a proud University of Michigan alum, is dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey toward professional fulfillment and success. With an MBA and over 15 years of leadership experience in retail management, human resources, and coaching engagements across diverse industries, Kristin brings a wealth of expertise and practical application to her practice. Specializing in leadership development, Kristin partners with both new and more established mid-level people managers, coaching them to elevate their leadership acumen and capabilities to deliver superior performance.

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