The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence and the Workforce

We discuss why transformational leadership will need to link business strategy, lean methodology (business fundamentals), technology, and people engagement to unlock the collective genius of their teams and enable execution to deliver a winning performance.
By Alumni Career Team

About the Speaker

Daryll Bryant is a Supply Chain Executive and Change Leader with a 25-year history of delivering excellence for Fortune 100 Food & Beverage Consumer Packaged Goods companies. He is a practitioner who works in the trenches to coach, teach, and develop leaders. His intention is to help aspiring leaders unleash their collective genius to support the attainment of their career goals. He is recognized as a transformational leader and has a strength for engaging with employees at all levels of an organization to create a culture of execution that affects change and delivers sustainable results. Daryll’s expertise in implementing Lean Manufacturing tools and methods has made him successful in turning around underperforming business operations. Daryll is currently working as a Career Coach, Trusted Business Advisor, and KeyNote Speaker.

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