Perfectionism and Your Career: Understanding Perfectionism and Its Trap

Increased social media, constant information, and the barrage of demands throughout our professional lives have led to numerous side effects, one of which is the expectation of perfection in our careers and working lives.
By Alumni Career Team

Watch this session to understand perfectionism, the healthy and unhealthy drive for perfectionism, and how an understanding of self can lead to an empowered understanding of what is driving your workplace engagement. Participants should leave the session with an intentional career and workplace design so they engage with work driven by intrinsic motivation.

Louise is a career coach, professional development specialist, and current Director of Alumni Career and Education for the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

She has an MA in Learning and Development from the University of Michigan and education, training, and experience from the University of California Riverside, the University of Michigan, the University of South Africa, and South African higher education clients.

Her career advancement and career development skills include self-assessment (MBTI, CareerLeader, and Emotional Intelligence Inventory 2.0), workplace communications, and in-house talent engagement. Program strategy deployment, marketing and communications, budget management, and program evaluation for university and in-house private sector talent and career programs are her “bread and butter.” But what really makes her tick is changing one life at a time by helping individuals land that job or make that career change.

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