Mastering Your Resume for Your Career Change

The job search reality for many is that an applicant tracking system rejects 75% of electronically submitted resumes before they’ve even had a chance of reaching human eyes. If a resume beats this scanning software, studies show a recruiter will only spend about 10 seconds reading it.
By Alumni Career Team

Join University of Michigan alum Tristan Layfield, the owner and principal career coach at Layfield Resume Consulting, to dive into key resume content trends and best practices. This session touches on keyword optimization, formatting, and readability, with special attention given to resume formatting and trends for professionals looking to change careers/industries.

About the Speaker

Tristan Layfield is the owner and principal career coach and resume writer at Layfield Resume Consulting, which has helped over 1,250 people identify and leverage their unique value proposition to transition their careers. His practice, rooted in personal leadership and self-advocacy, helps empower job seekers to effectively communicate their value to attract their ideal jobs and employers.

With his work featured on major platforms such as LinkedIn, Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and The Muse, Tristan aims to help job seekers build professional brands that transform their mindsets, advance their careers, and expedite their job searches.

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