Landing a Job During COVID-19: Best Practices for Recent Grads and Young Alumni

Applying to hundreds of jobs and hoping to receive a response from one when, in fact, you don’t receive a response from any is discouraging.
By Alumni Career Team

That’s why Wonsulting, a career consulting company whose mission is to turn underdogs into winners, is here to make the job search process much simpler than you think. Jonathan Javier and Jerry Lee, CEO & COO of Wonsulting, have helped tens of thousands of students/young professionals receive offers in a very competitive market.

In this webinar, they go over the following:

  • Finding Job Opportunities: How to find & connect with recruiters & hiring managers on LinkedIn
  • Building Your Digital Presence: How to build & leverage your digital brand to peek recruiters’ interests from target employers
  • Last but not least, you’ll hear from fellow U-M grads and young alumni who have overcome challenges and landed positions, so you can take their advice and put it into practice.
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