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Is Grad School a Good Move For My Career?

While a graduate degree can be a key ingredient for career success, it’s also true that an advanced degree isn’t for everyone.
By Alumni Career Team

Before deciding what schools you might apply to, what program format is best for you, or even simply what kind of degree you’ll pursue, it’s important to first address: Should I even pursue a graduate degree? This webinar addresses why grad school may or may not be right for you and how you can determine that. We also talk about affordability and timing issues related to possibly pursuing an advanced degree.

About the Speaker

Kevin is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and is a certified career coach, working primarily with early and mid-career professionals, career switchers, and high-potential leaders. He’s also a grad school admissions consultant, specializing in business school and PhDs. Kevin’s background includes 5+ years of leadership experience in corporate talent development and 5+ years recruiting and evaluating talent for MBA programs at Washington University in St. Louis. He has been the hiring manager for over 100 professional positions. His 8+ years as a professional editor is highly leveraged in reviewing client resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other communication.

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