How to Select the Best Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile

When looking for ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, having a professional photo can make a huge difference.
By Alumni Career Team

A picture is worth a thousand words; the adage couldn’t be more accurate on LinkedIn. A study conducted by LinkedIn shows that you are 14 times more likely to hear from a recruiter if you have a profile picture than those without a photo. You are also 21 times more likely to have your profile viewed and nine times as many connection requests, all due to simply adding a photo to your profile. Jeremy Schifeling, Michigan alum, former Ross School of Business career coach, and former LinkedIn employee, discusses the importance of the profile picture, as well as tips to make sure your image stands out and truly represents you in this short clip from our webinar, Mastering LinkedIn for Your Job Search. Tips highlighted in this Career Bite include clothing choices, photo cropping, and of course, smiling. The LinkedIn profile photo can say a lot to potential recruiters and would-be connections; watch now and learn how you can make sure you’re delivering the right message with your LinkedIn profile photo.

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