Disrupting Burnout at Work: Recognizing the Signs & Taking Action

Burnout results from excessive and prolonged emotional, physical, and mental stress and, in many cases, is related to one’s job or career.
By Alumni Career Team

Over the last five years, many have faced increased stress in both their professional and personal lives. Watch a robust conversation with executive coach Alicia Reece and energy coach Nydia Cardenas on how to recognize the signs of burnout. Then, learn practical, actionable steps for detection and prevention.

About the Speakers

Alicia Reece

Alicia is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach with nearly two decades of global experience with Fortune 500 organizations across multiple industries. She is the principal and owner of The Reece Group, a coaching and consulting practice helping organizations, groups, and individual professionals advance their goals in the areas of career, life, and leadership. Prior to launching her own business, Alicia spent nearly a decade with Cisco, a Fortune 50 IT company, as a professional coach, and in various HR leadership roles.

Key outcomes of her coaching engagements include: building self-awareness and clarity regarding emotional intelligence skills and strengths, honing leadership skills, enhancing the effectiveness of leadership transitions, managing organizational relationships more effectively, and establishing influence and executive presence.

Alicia became an author in 2021 when she released her first book, “Driven to Thrive: 10 Proven Strategies to Excel, Expand & Elevate Your Career & Life.”

Alicia partnered with LinkedIn to create her first digital career course, “Coaching Yourself to Career Success,” in December 2021, which has garnered recognition by LinkedIn and thousands of learners globally.

Nydia Cardenas, MBA’15

Nydia operates with a core belief that our potential is interconnected and is committed to supporting individuals and organizations in their learning and development. That is why, while earning her MBA, she trained in generative coaching and was a fellow at the Center for Positive Organizations. These experiences hooked her on coaching and culture change.

Nydia has worked in both the social and private sectors at startups and established organizations. Most recently, she relaunched her independent coaching and consulting business. In 2020, Nydia kicked off “The Energy Takeback,” a fun and reflective group experience focused on helping people reclaim agency over their energy and feel energized more often than burnt out. It’s a mix of personal reflection and group and one-on-one coaching.

Nydia holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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