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Chat GPT and Your Job Search

One of the hardest parts of the job search is how lonely it is. You’re often on your own to find the right path and apply the right way. But there’s good news on the horizon: AI tools like ChatGPT are going to make it less and less lonely — if you know how to use them.
By Alumni Career Team

Take a look as a former LinkedIn insider and ChatGPT power user demonstrates:

  • How to find your perfect path by exploring different industries based on your major and interests, including getting homework for investigating your fit.
  • The perfect resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile templates for your desired field, including how to get through resume writer’s block every time!
  • A complete interview coach that guides you from prepping for the most likely questions to composing an amazing thank-you letter.
  • The right balance between AI support and human creativity — since the most successful job-seekers will harness both!
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