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Watch this recording to learn practical strategies and resources to be empowered as a job seeker with a hidden or visible disability.
More than two-thirds of the tech industry work in non-technical roles. This means that no matter your background there is a role for you out there.
Don't let the myth get in your way, it's not greedy to negotiate a salary.
Tips on when you should bring up the expected salary during a job interview.
Choosing a job offer is a complex decision. There are personal and professional factors that have to be taken into account all while trying to make sense of what the company is presenting to you. Negotiating a job offer effectively is the only way to choose a job offer effectively.
Our panelists provide advice and tangible career insights for alums navigating re-entry into the workforce after a career gap or break due to COVID or other reasons.
We teach you the art and science of talking about who you are so that you become a more confident, well-prepared candidate for the roles you really want.
Learn more from Career Coach Elise Auxier, ’80 on how to prepare for the latest interview questions that have started to be asked since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Watch this session on COVID era strategies to successfully navigate your process and land the right career for you in a changing work world.
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