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Minority Student Recruitment

Student in a lab

Alumni participation is vital in providing enhanced personal outreach to admitted underrepresented minority students — including African American, Latino, and Native American students — that encourages them to enroll at U-M.

The Alumni Association continually seeks underrepresented minority alumni who value an active, engaged, and diverse student body and can underscore the importance of this U-M legacy to students. The program provides meaningful insight to students who are able to hear firsthand accounts of what the years at Michigan mean to alumni and how it moves them in their careers and avocations.

The Alumni Association’s goal is simple — to positively impact the number of underrepresented minority students enrolling at U-M by having them matched with correspondingly underrepresented alumni who can speak about their U-M experience. Alumni participation may be the deciding factor for these students considering attendance at Michigan.

“The University of Michigan cannot be excellent without being diverse in the broadest sense of that word. We also must ensure that our community allows all individuals an equal opportunity to thrive.”

—President’s Letter, University of Michigan

If you are interested in volunteering as a minority recruiter, please fill out the form below or contact Phyllis Taylor at [email protected] or 734.764.2316.

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