Alumni Career Collective

The technology revolution has unleashed a number of changes in the career development world for higher education, students, alumni, and employers. This is illustrated by the increasingly varied career pathways that require job placement across multiple different industries over lifespan, employers seeing an increase in the number of applicants per job posting (if they are even posted publicly at all), the increased use of applicant tracking systems and robot resume review, the automation of numerous sectors in the future, and a shift to ongoing lifetime skill acquisition (compared with the traditional frontloading within a four-year degree).

As we explore these trends that are taking place at the intersections of alumni, career, and other higher education services, we hope to “engage the entire university network of students, alumni, faculty, and employers” (Dey and Cruzvergara, 2014) and thus improve our understanding of career needs for current and future alumni. Please join the conversation!

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