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Utah Football Game

Time remaining: 100%
15/07/2015 (1 week)

Utah game

Time remaining: 62%
20/07/2015 (2 weeks)

MSU game

Time remaining: 58%
19/07/2015 (2 weeks)

UM Football vs. Rutgers

Time remaining: 52%
17/07/2015 (2 weeks)

Michigan at Utah

Time remaining: 49%
16/07/2015 (2 weeks)

Michigan at Utah

Time remaining: 39%
13/07/2015 (1 week)

MSU at Michigan

Time remaining: 35%
12/07/2015 (1 week)

Submit Questions for Coach Harbaugh

Submit Questions for Coach Harbaugh

Few events in the University’s recent past have been as well documented as head football coach Jim Harbaugh’s return to Ann Arbor. The media have covered every angle of the story. In fact, Harbaugh appears on the regional cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated. But it takes a true blue fan, a Michigan grad, an Alumni Association member, to ask the questions that matter. So here’s your chance to ask the coach your question. Questions may appear in the early fall issue of Michigan Alumnus magazine.  

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