Eli A. Gallup, 1915, MF1916

Eli A. Gallup. ca. 1938
Eli A. Gallup, circa 1938. Photo courtesy of the Washtenaw County Historical Society.

Gallup became Ann Arbor’s parks superintendent in 1919 and served for 42 years until retiring in 1961. Subsequently, his tenure is credited as establishing the city’s core philosophy and structure for maintaining and nurturing green spaces. In addition to overseeing major expansions and additions—including purchasing the Barton, Argo, Dixboro, and Superior dams, along with their ponds and adjacent river banks, from the Detroit Edison power company (now DTE energy)—Gallup was responsible for the placement of The Rock at the corner of Washtenaw and Hill. The 69-acre Gallup Park, Ann Arbor’s most popular recreation area, is named in his honor.

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