Student Spotlight: Ivory Yang

Read time: 2 minutes

Expected Graduation Year: 2020

Major/degree: Business

Home state/country: Singapore

Ivory Yang is the 2016 recipient of the Pan-Asia Scholarship. To find out more about how you can donate to funds supporting Michigan students from around the world, click here.

How did receiving the Pan-Asia Scholarship impact your decision to come to Michigan?

I got my acceptance to Michigan, and then, about two months later, I was awarded the Pan-Asia Scholarship. I got to speak with the donors to the scholarship fund, which was very impactful for me. I did have other choices for college, but I feel like Michigan was acknowledging me and my hard work by offering me this scholarship.

Giving is definitely a cycle. For me as a student, it was important to have some form of help, whether financial or just acknowledgement of your achievements. Donating to a fund like this helps to nurture new generation of students who will eventually donate to the fund as well.

What plans do you have for after you graduate?

I will probably work in finance. I’m hoping to work on Wall Street, but would be happy to work in Hong Kong, London, or I could go back to Singapore if I needed to.

What do you like most about campus and/or Ann Arbor?

There are so many opportunities for individuals to grow as leaders. A month after I came to campus, I started my own business club: Michigan Stocks and Bonds Organization. The club focuses on investing and portfolio design. I’m currently the president of the club. Normally in Singapore they don’t give freshman these types of opportunities.

I love to study in the grad library, it looks like something out of a Harry Potter film. And my friends and I go to the Sava’s lunch buffet every Sunday!

What do you like to do for fun?  

I joined the equestrian team when I arrived at Michigan, which is something that has definitely been out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done anything like that before, and probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity in Singapore. It’s three hours of you and a horse, which I find very cathartic and relaxing. I definitely wasn’t planning on joining a team like that, I just happened to hear about it at Festifall and went to the information session, but now I’m enjoying it immensely.

What would you say to a prospective student from your hometown that is thinking about applying to Michigan?

Definitely give it a shot! I do feel like it’s a little more difficult for international students to apply here, but there are so many opportunities and it’s such a different experience from living in Singapore, it’s definitely worth a try.

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